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Whilst every practical effort has been made for entries in KJR.com's and Health-Club.net's health & fitness club listings to be accurate and comprehensive, Get On The Web Limited trading as KJR.com (the "Company") cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions of clubs, or of the facilities at those clubs. It is the responsibility of club owners to ensure that they provide updated information to the Company, for inclusion in the listings, by the Company, when next updated. Similarly, club owners should advise the Company of any changes in postal address, telephone number, email address or website address.

The Company reserves the right to decline individual club entries, or to decline to display specific icons for the facilities at that club, at its sole discretion.

The Company cannot be held responsible for any losses or injuries, financial or otherwise, resulting from attendance at any club, or due to inaccurate or missing entries.

The Company makes no claim that this directory is fully comprehensive, and is merely provided as a service to supply information to users and potential users of health & fitness clubs.

Club users should check details directly with the clubs before visiting. The inclusion or omission of suitable icons for any club does not warrant that those facilities are available or unavailable at the clubs listed, or that any images and other information in the clubs' linked websites (where available) are totally up-to-date.

Users of KJR.com and health-club.net are strongly advised to contact the clubs before visiting to confirm latest information, especially as many of the clubs are membership clubs.

We apologise to any clubs or club users if the correct facilities are not indicated for particular clubs. We welcome updated information from users or club owners. Thank you.

We hope you find this facility useful,
both for clubs and their users.
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